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Get to the March for Marriage in Dublin on August 14th, 2011!

We will be meeting at 3pm by city hall at the top of Parliament street. Everyone is encouraged to come along and take part. Bring as many people as you can.


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March for Marriage 2011 leaflet

Fight for Gay Marriage!

Marriage is a democratic and legal right that should be available to all couples regardless of their sexual orientation. The right to marry is at present denied to gay couples in the south of Ireland. Gay relationships are deemed by the state to be less ‘legitimate’ than those of ‘straight’ couples. The current ‘civil partnership’ status offered to gay couples is not enough. Without the right to marry and access to all associated legal benefits gay people will effectively remain second-class citizens in this state.

“Family Values” & Gay Oppression

We defend the right of all people to choose to marry, and we recognise that many people see no alternative to the legal and economic assurances accessible through marriage. But we must also expose the relationship between the institution of marriage and the oppression of gay people and women. Under capitalism marriage has taken on a specific role as part of the “traditional” family unit. The ideology of “family values” that sprang up in defence of this is necessarily anti-gay as the ridiculous claim is made that marriage between two people is solely for the purpose of reproduction. Access to free and safe abortion on demand is denied to women in Ireland on the same basis. The oppression of gay people and women goes hand in hand. The struggle for equality must do the same.

The Fight for Gay Liberation

Revolutionary socialists fight for every single demand and gain made by gay people in their struggle for liberation. However, we must also state clearly that the only way to achieve gay liberation is through the socialist transformation of society. The capitalist state and politicians cannot be trusted when it comes to fighting for gay rights. The capitalist system inevitably looks to undercut any gains made by the oppressed in order to defend the profits of the few.

The only way to defeat capitalist attacks on all of our rights and living standards is through united working class action. We also need to create a new revolutionary socialist party in order to provide the leadership the struggles of the oppressed so desperately need.

The struggles of the working class and oppressed sections of humanity to date have shown that only when equipped with a revolutionary socialist leadership can the struggle for liberation be advanced. The ultimate goal must be the overthrow of the rotten capitalist system in order to put an end to exploitation and discrimination once and for all.

Gay Marriage Now!

 Defend Gay Rights!

 Build the Revolutionary Socialist Party!

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